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International Journals, Peer Reviewed Conferences Papers and Preprints on Open Libraries


  • A. Signoroni, M. Savardi, A. Baronio, S. Benini, Deep Learning Meets Hyperspectral Image Analysis: A Multidisciplinary ReviewJournal of Imaging, Vol.5(5), 52, 2019, DOI (Open Access)

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  • D. Bontempi, S. Benini, A. Signoroni, M. Svanera, L. Muckli, CEREBRuM: a Convolutional Encoder-decodeR for Fully Volumetric Fast sEgmentation of BRain MRI, arXiv 1909.05085

            • M. Svanera, M. Savardi, A. Signoroni, A. B. Kovács, S. Benini, Who is the film's director? Authorship recognition based on shot features, IEEE MultiMedia (early access), DOI

            • S. Benini, M. Savardi, K. Bálint, A. B. Kovács, A. Signoroni, On the influence of shot scale on film mood and narrative engagement in film viewersIEEE Transactions on Affective Computing (early access) DOI


            • M. Svanera, M. Savardi, A. Signoroni, A. B. Kovács, S. Benini, Who is the director of this movie? Automatic style recognition based on shot featuresarXiv:1807.09560

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                                • M. Savardi, S. Benini, A. Signoroni, β-hemolysis detection on cultured blood agar plates by convolutional neural networks in Proc. International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2018, Part II, pp. 30-38, LNCS Vol. 11071 DOI, PDF (Preprint)

                                        • A. Signoroni, M. Savardi, M. Pezzoni, F. Guerrini, S. Arrigoni, G. Turra, Combining the use of CNN classification and strength-driven compression for the robust identification of bacterial species on hyperspectral culture plate images IET Computer Vision, 12 (7), 2018 pp.941-949 DOI, PDF (Preprint)

                                                • M. Centin, A. Signoroni, Advancing mesh completion for digital modeling and manufacturing Computer Aided Geometric Design, Vol. 62, May 2018, pp. 73-90 (special issue on Geometric Modeling and Processing, GMP 2018) DOIPDF (Preprint)

                                                      • M. Centin, A. Signoroni, Mesh denoising with (geo)metric fidelity, IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 24(8), 2018, pp. 2380-2396, DOI, PDF (Preprint)

                                                            • P. Volonghi, G. Baronio, A. Signoroni, 3D scanning and geometry processing techniques for customized hand orthotics: an experimental assessment, Virtual and Physical Prototyping, Vol. 13(2), 2018, pp.105-116 DOIPDF (Preprint)

                                                                  • M. Savardi, A. Ferrari, A. Signoroni, Automatic hemolysis identification on aligned dual-lighting images of cultured blood agar plates, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, Vol. 156, 2018, pp. 13-24 DOI, PDF (Preprint)

                                                                  • M. Donarelli, M. Ferroni, L. Masini, V. Morandi, A. Migliori, L. Ortolani, A. Sanzogni and A. Signoroni, Electron tomography in the Scanning Electron Microscope for the investigation of biological and inorganic samples. Microscopie, 29(1) 2018 Link (Open Access)


                                                                  • A. Ferrari, S. Lombardi, A. Signoroni, Bacterial Colony Counting with Convolutional Neural Networks in Digital Microbiology ImagingPattern Recognition, Vol. 61, 2017, pp. 629–640 DOIPDF (Preprint)Database

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                                                                    • G. Baronio, P. Volonghi, and A. Signoroni, Concept and Design of a 3D Printed Support to Assist Hand Scanning for the Realization of Customized Orthosis, Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, 2017 DOI (Open Access)

                                                                    • G. Turra, S. Arrigoni, A. Signoroni, CNN-based Identification of Hyperspectral Bacterial Signatures for Digital Microbiologyin Proc. Int. Conf. on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2017), Part II, LNCS 10485, 2017, pp. 500–510 DOIPDF (Preprint)

                                                                    • M. Mauro, S. Benini, N. Adami, A. Signoroni, R. Leonardi and L. Canini, A free Web API for single and multi-document summarization, in Proc. of the 15th Int. Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI 2017), art.n.24, 2017 DOI.


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                                                                    • M. Centin, A. Signoroni, RameshCleaner: conservative fixing of triangular meshes, STAG: Smart Tools & Apps for Graphics, 2015 DOI, PDF (Preprint)  DOWNLOAD the RameshCleaner Software!

                                                                    • M. Ferroni, A. Signoroni, A. Sanzogni, G. Sberveglieri, A. Migliori, L. Ortolani, M. Christian, L. Masini and V. Morandi, STEM electron tomography in the Scanning Electron Microscope, Journal of Physics: Conf. Ser. Vol.644 (2015) 012012 DOI (Open Access)


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                                                                    • N. Pezzotti, F. Bonarrigo and A. Signoroni, Boosting the computational performance of feature-based multiple 3D scan alignment by iat-k-means clustering, 3DIMPVT 2012, pp.89-96, Zurich, CH PDF (Preprint)

                                                                    • A. Acerbis, A. Catania Zampieri, L. Gianolli, M. Melchiori, A. Savi and A. Signoroni, A clinical workflow integrated LCMS for cardiological imaging, ItAIS 2012, Rome, I PDF (Preprint)

                                                                    • F. Bonarrigo, A. Signoroni and R. Leonardi, Multi-view alignment with database of features for an improved usage of high-end 3D scanners, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2012:148
                                                                      Open AccessPDF (Preprint)

                                                                    • A. Signoroni, M. Pezzoni, C. Tonoli and R. Leonardi, A Comparison of State-of-the-Art Technologies for Irreversible Compression of Large Medical Datasets, IEEE Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS) 2012, pp. 1-6 PDF (Preprint)


                                                                    • F. Bonarrigo, A. Signoroni and R. Leonardi, A robust pipeline for rapid feature-based pre-alignment of dense range scans, 13th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2011), pp.2260-2267, Barcelona, Spain, Nov 2011 PDF (Preprint)

                                                                    • A. Signoroni, C. Tonoli and I. Castiglioni, A Study on Quality Level Reproducibility for the Usability of Irreversible Compression in Radiological Imaging, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC 2011), Valencia, Spain, Oct 2011 PDF (Preprint)

                                                                    • A. Signoroni, M. Pezzoni and R. Leonardi , 3D-PMDC: a parallelized morphological wavelet codec for 3D medical datasets and teleradiology applications, IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2011), Brussels, Belgium,  Sep 2011 PDF (Preprint)

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                                                                    • A. Signoroni, F. Carletti, R. Grazioli, R. Gasparotti and R. Leonardi , Accurate and fast 3D interactive segmentation system applied to MR brain quantification , Advances in Medical, Signal and Information
                                                                      Processing, 2008 (MEDSIP 2008), pp.1-4, S.Marcherita Ligure, Italy, Jul. 2008.


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                                                                    until 2001

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                                                                    Other International and National Conference Papers

                                                                    • P. Volonghi, A. Signoroni and G. Baronio, 3D Scanning for Hand Orthotic Applications: A Comparative Assessment between Static and Real-Time SolutionsInt. Conf. on 3D Body Scanning Technologies 2016, (Lugano, CH), pp. 61-69, DOI
                                                                    • V. Morandi, L. Ortolani, A. Migliori, L. Masini, P. Maccagnani, A. Sanzogni, A. Signoroni, G. Sberveglieri, M. Rossi, M. Vittori Antisari, M. Del Marro, P. Vinciguerra, M. Ferroni, STEM tomography in the scanning electron microscope NANOITALY (21-24 Settembre 2015, Roma - ITALY)

                                                                    • M. Ferroni, A. Signoroni, A. Sanzogni, A. Migliori, L. Ortolani, V. Morandi, Electron tomography in the Scanning Electron Microscope operated in the Transmission mode, MCM 2015 Multinational Congress on Microscopy (Eger, Hungary, 23-28 August 2015)

                                                                    • A. Signoroni - Moderni scenari di teleradiologia: trend paralleli,criticità e tecnologie abilitanti - XI Convegno Nazionale AIIC “Innovazione, Governo Tecnologico e Sicurezza in Sanitá: Competenze, Esperienze e Sostenibilità “, Torino, Feb. 2011 ( download presentationdownload presentation)
                                                                    • M. Bettenzana, D. Barbieri, B. Caraffini, P. Feroldi, A. Fiume, S. Magrini, A. Signoroni, L. Spiazzi , Implementazione di un sistema automatico per la misura degli spostamenti per IGRT del distretto prostatico mediante uso di immagini EPI e l uso di semi d oro , VI congresso Nazionale AIFM, pp. Reggio Emilia, Italy, Set.2009

                                                                    • F. Carletti, R. Grazioli, A. Signoroni, L. Mascaro, E. Sacchetti and R. Gasparotti , Analysis of DTI brain data and implementation in a novel software (DTILAB) , 23 Congresso Associazione Italiana di Neuroradiologia, Bergamo, Italy, June 2007

                                                                    • A. Signoroni , Le moderne tecnologie di compressione delle immagini e la loro applicazione in campo medico , Forum Mediterraneo di Fisica Medica, (download presentation), pp.133,138pp.133,138, Lampedusa, I, Sep. 2005.

                                                                    • A. Signoroni, R. Leonardi and R. Gasparotti , Compressione di Dati Biomedici 3D nei Sistemi PACS e di Teleradiologia , TIMED 2000 (Telemedicine Information Technology and Telecommunication for HealthCare), Genova, Italy. June 2000.

                                                                    International Standard input documents and contributions


                                                                    • N. Adami, E. Izquierdo, R. Leonardi, M. Mrak, A. Signoroni and T. Zgaljic
                                                                      , Efficient wavelet-based video compression , ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1, N3954,
                                                                      39th JPEG Meeting, Perugia, Italy, Jul. 2006.


                                                                    • R. Leonardi, A. Signoroni and S. Brangoulo , Status Report - version 1 on
                                                                      Wavelet Video Coding exploration , ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11, N7822 ( public
                                                                      document), 75th MPEG Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, Jan. 2006.

                                                                    • R. Leonardi, A. Signoroni and S. Brangoulo , Proposed Status Report on
                                                                      Wavelet Video Coding exploration , ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11, M12970, 75th
                                                                      MPEG Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, Jan. 2006.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi, L. Lima and A. Signoroni , Report
                                                                      on Wavelet Video Coding EE5: Visual performance evaluation , ISO/IEC
                                                                      JTC1/SC29/WG11, M12960, 75th MPEG Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, Jan.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , Performance
                                                                      evaluation of the current Wavelet Video Coding Reference Software , ISO/IEC
                                                                      JTC1/SC29/WG11, M12643, 74th MPEG Meeting, Nice, France, Oct. 2005.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , New prediction
                                                                      schemes for scalable wavelet video coding , ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11, M12642,
                                                                      74th MPEG Meeting, Nice, France, Oct. 2005.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , Report of UNIBS
                                                                      SVC CE3 Inter-layer prediction: STool scheme on HHI software , ISO/IEC
                                                                      JTC1/SC29/WG11, M11719, Hong Kong, China, Jan. 2005.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , Fully embedded
                                                                      entropy coding with arbitrary multiple adaptation capabilities , ISO/IEC
                                                                      JTC1/SC29/WG11, M11378, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Oct. 2004.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , SVC CE1: STool -
                                                                      a native spatially scalable approach to SVC , ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11,
                                                                      M11368, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Oct. 2004.


                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , Metodo di
                                                                      Codifica Video Scalabile , Italian Patent (MI2004A001971), filed Oct.

                                                                    • N. Adami, M. Brescianini, R. Leonardi and A. Signoroni , Scalable Video
                                                                      Coding Method , PCT Patent (PCT/IT2005/000599), filed Oct. 2005. Â

                                                                    PhD Thesis

                                                                    • A. Signoroni , Metodologie di rappresentazione e compressione per volumi
                                                                      biomedici (Compression and representation methods for biomedical volumes) ,
                                                                      University of Brescia, Italy. Jan.2001 Download hereDownload here (file pdf , 9Mbyte ,
                                                                      in Italian)