Alberto Signoroni


Research Projects

·  ABC3D - Acquisizione e fruizione di Beni Culturali 3D: cooperative industrial project funded by MIUR/Lombardy Region (Scientific Coordinator - UniBS)

·  MicroBIA - Microbiology Image Analysis: doctoral program (apprendistato in alta formazione) funded by the Lombardy Region and industrial research project founded by Copan S.p.A. (Scientific Coordinator)

·  BHIMM - Built Heritage Information Modelling/Management: funded by MIUR (PRIN 2010)

·  National Cluster "La Fabbrica Intelligente": funded by MIUR

·  RESHAPER - Reverse Engineering of Self-care and Healthcare Aids for Personalized Empowerment and Rehabilitation  - funded by UniBS Health & Wealth (scientific coordinator)

  • Editorial and Organization Activities

    • 2010 - 2015: Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
    • Organizing committee of conferences: CBMI2001, IWDC2002, WIAMIS2010
    • Technical program committee of conferences: GTTI2011, GTTI2012, ICIP 2014-2016, STAG2015, STAG2016

      Research Interests and Activities

      ·  Coding of Visual Information

      Wavelet Coding of images and Multidimensional Datasets

      Morphological Wavelet Coding

      Scalable video coding

      Wavelet Coding of edge and contour maps

      Spatially selective Wavelet Coding

      Quantitative, perceptual and semantic quality evluation of (wavelet) compressed data

      ·  Medical Image Processing

      Wavelet coding of Multidimensional and Multimodal datasets

      Image coding techniques and standards for telemedicine and teleradiology applications

      Selective coding and diagnostic quality assessment

      Image analysis in Radiotherapy

      Image based clinical e-learning systems

      Quantitative vessel-based imaging (angiogenesis)

      ·  Geometry processing and 3D computer vision

      Mesh processing: denoising, fixing

      Surface reconstruction

      High accuracy and computational efficiency 3D digitalization and modeling pipelines

      Multiview coarse alignment of range images and point clouds

      Global registration of range images and point clouds

      3D feature extraction

      3D scanning technologies

      Uncalibrated image mapping on geometric models

      Digital Heritage applications: representation, analysis, preservation

      ·  Image acquisition, analysis and classification for microbiology lab automation systems

      Quantitative image analysis in clinical microbiology

      Image classification in clinical microbiology

      Hyperspectral acquisition and image analysis for clinical microbiology

      Forward light scattering image acquisition and analysis for bacteria identification

      ·  Volumetric (3D) Segmentation and Visualization

      3D morphology: connected operators and watershed techniques

      Interactive segmentation of 3D datasets

      Volume rendering